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d international rules and standards, work to achieve high-standard and sustainable goals that benefit people's livelihood and jointly build the Belt and Road with high-quality.China and France should shoulder the responsibility to address the global governance deficit, safeguard multilateralism, jointly tackle global challenges and build a community of a shared future for humanity, Xi said.Macron ▓called on France a

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ment from Chinese enterprises, and provide them with a business environment featuring fa▓ir competition. Please scan the QR Code to follow▓ us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatTop-down planning has played a leading role in ▓promoting science and technology development in Chi▓na.Top-down planning key to science and technology developmentTop-down planning key to science and technology develo

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a leading role in promoting science and technology dev▓elopment in China.As early as in 1956, the Chinese govern▓ment formulated a long-term plan for science and technology advancement. On the outset of the reform and opening up drive, science and technology was further established as primary productive forces. And since the 18th CPC national congress in 2012, the government has decided to fully implement an innovation

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lazed a new trail of development that is supported by talents and innovation in science ▓and technology, which propelled industrial development▓ and economic growth. Chinese enterprises, as a key driving force for technological progress, account for over 70 p▓ercent of the nation's investment on research and developmen▓t. They also contribute the highest number of researchers and patents of invention. China is now leadin

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peed railway, new energy vehicles and financial technology, among other sectors, thanks to this development strategy.In▓ 2018, China's spending on research and development totaled over 1.97 trillion yuan (about 278 billion US dollars),▓ taking up 2.19 percent of the country's GDP and ranking second in the world. Its total number of research and development personnel has ranked first in the wor▓ld for 6 consecutive yea

rs. Also last year the added value in high-tech manufacturing increased 11.7 percent year-

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  • l continue to im▓prove internal and external linkage of development to benefit more countries and peoples while
  • realizing its own development, Xi said in his speech.Xi said China is ready to work with France and Europe to
  • resolutely ▓uphold the multilateral trading system and oppose protectionism and unilateralism, b uild a free an
  • d open trade and in▓vestment policy environment and inject impetus to facilitate world economic g rowth.Xi calle
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